Old Hall Gardens

Activities in the Gardens

One of the highlights of 2014 was the event held in the Children's Outdoor Storytelling area next to Cowbridge Library. This area was funded by a grant of £5k from Biffa Award with match funding from Creative Rural Communities. Watch the video below!

Walking Nativity

In what is becoming an annual event, Churches Together of Cowbridge and District staged a magical evening
on 11 December 2015, bringing to life the story of the Nativity. Around 180 people, both young and old, gathered in the Story area by the library to hear how Mary and Joseph were anxiously looking for a room, as we watched them walking down the steps from the town wall into Bethlehem.

We sang carols to the accompaniment of a splendid band and followed the action to see shepherds watching their flocks by night when, suddenly, there appeared before them an angel, telling them the great news of a newborn king. 

The action took us to Herod's palace and the arrival of the three wise men (staged in the Physic Garden), and then finished with the birth of Jesus in the stable. 

It was a moving experience that put everyone in festive spirits to celebrate the joys of Christmas, while sharing in mulled wine, mince pies, and a wonderful convivial atmosphere.

An event not to be missed next Advent!

Cooking the Compost

Our three compost bins are perfect for creating mulches and humus to add back into the garden. This one looks just about ready!

And this is where some of the compost has ended up: to suppress weeds along the hedge.

Has he gone Batty...?

No: this is Richard installing a brand new home for some of the bats that we are hoping to attract into the garden!

A home for the Bugs

The Cowbridge Scouts built a wonderful home for the bugs earlier this year - it will be a snug place for them to survive the winter.

Rescuing the Wisteria

Some of you may have noticed that the once-ailing wisteria now has a solid structure to support it. Here's the tangled plant at the start of the rescue operation!

The new Dragon Garden

We are busy in the area between St Aubin's Nursery and the South Wall, which the Cowbridge Charter Trust has recently agreed to look after for the benefit of our community.

Rob and Richard have transformed the ragged path in the far corner.

Shirin and Margaret have been "panning for gold" (if only!) in our battle against the tangled mass of spaghetti-like Ground Elder roots.

Betty and others have been trimming the long shoots off the Willow Cave and weaving them into the existing structure – many of these should take root, to provide a shady shelter in the summer. 

In the Spring of 2016, a friendly Dragon came to settle here. So far, we have planted some snowdrops around him, a couple of roses, and a colourful Acer.

Digging for Daffodils

Taking a welcome break to smile at the camera are: Victoria, Shirin and Mary. They were soon back to digging more holes to plant daffodils!

Pulling Pondweed

The pond always draws the attention of passers-by and is usually a tranquil place of contemplation. But a lot of work goes into keeping it well-balanced, and here Rob is pulling up Bogbean plant that is multiplying too fast.